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One Hundred Works of Classic Literature

One Hundred Works of Classic Literature
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One Hundred Works of World Literature
Why Literature?
Classic literature is important. It is one of the most valuable sources of insight we have into cultures and ways of life otherwise mostly forgotten. But even more importantly, it is enjoyable. I feel like "the classics" get a bad rap at times for being outdated and dull, and I hope to create an environment of fun and stimulating conversation in which we look at the classics not as antiques but as relevant dialogues about the same questions that still concern us today.

Why the Norwegian Book Club?
When I decided to find a list of top rated classic literature, I looked in many different places, and I feel like this list assembled by the Norwegian Book Club in association with the Norwegian Nobel Foundation represents the most complete and diverse list, drawing together works by both male and female authors from around the world. As we progress through this list, I also plan to introduce a second challenge based on Random House's 100 Works of Modern Literature or Time Magazine's 100 English Language Novels 1923 to Present, depending on interest.

Joining the Challenge
Introductions are not required, but if you want to introduce yourself, please answer the following questions:
- Reading now
- One book on the list that you love
- One book that should have been included on the list but was not
- One book that was included but should not have been (if any)
- One book you are looking forward to reading
- Progress on the list so far (posted either here or on your journal)

But really, if you want to join, jump right in, and join us in discussing some of the greatest books of all time.
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